We offer organic malunggay

Malunggay leaves are the richest natural sources of Vitamins and Minerals.

Enjoy Malunggay Capsules and Malunggay Powder

Malunggay is the common name for the plant Moringa Oleifera. In Philippines Moringa is called as Malunggay. Malunggay is a unique supplement which gives complete nutrition for healthy living.  Malunggay leaves are rich in vitamins to the extent that they are one of the richest sources of  natural Vitamin.

We offer 100% pure and organic Malunggay leaf Powder. Fresh Malunggay leaves are collected from the Malunggay tree. And it is dried in a low temperature. The dried Malunggay leaves are grind into Powder form. The Malunggay Leaf Powder is used in a wide range of products from the dietary supplements to the smoothie mixes. The Malunggay leaves are carefully washed; shadow dried under suitable atmospheric conditions and then powdered. Heat is not applied in any stage of the processing and thus the nutrient values of the leaf are retained.We supply the original Malunggay leaf Powder in bulk quantity.We packed our Malunggay Powder hygienically.